A man knows how to satisfy a man like only a man can. All of these porn games have a gay sex theme. Sometimes the guys are in adult situations where they find them fucking hot guys. The situation may be where a young guy is coming to terms with his sexuality.
The free games here all have a gay theme to them. The circumstances behind the games are often different, but all have a love of men in common. You can expect various games here, from action to adventure to straight-up hardcore gay sex.

Summer Vacation [v 0.7.55]

Here’s another gay adult visual novel game. In Summer Vacation, your character is Mathieu, a young man who is visiting his uncle for a vacation prior to going to university. But Mathieu didn’t expect to end up getting a chanc...


One More Time from the Top [v 0.32]

The One More Time from the Top game is in the form of a gay adult visual novel. It explores various topics such as self-empowerment, love, coming out, and handling acceptance issues. It is set in a world of show business, so...


Tavern of Spear [v 0.30a]

A wolf from the Lost Spear Tribe is 23 years old. In Tavern of Spear, a torrential downpour catches you off guard, and as you scramble for cover, you notice a strange yellow light; the next thing you know, you're in the Taver...


Killigan's Treasure [v 0.46a]

In Killigan's Treasure, your character is Killigan Stoneworth, a bull-like barbarian who lives in Canavar. You decide to seek treasure via a magical treasure map that takes you and your companions you meet during the quest al...


Dreamland Wanderer - 0.4.1

The main character is a Wanderer who lived through humanity's end. You're bored and facing your biggest fear in some kind of weird dream. Now you wander through two worlds, but each feels just as real. There are people with y...


Wayfared [v 0.35]

Wayfared - The beginning of something new. Where a young man with a thirst for discovery can discover what awaits him out there in the world. Take advantage of all the opportunities you can find to help him along the way, fro...