Real People, Actual Life, Sex

Lust for Life [v 0.42]

In Lust for Life, your character is a senior in high school. He's also a virgin, but that could change in this erotic fantasy game. His world is full of lots of sexy gals just waiting to get some loving and they want YOU! Eac...


College Daze [v 0.480b]

In College Daze, you play a freshman, and that's bad enough. But it seems everything is gonna get lots better because you have discovered some weird lights that can somehow change reality. And you can use them to get rid of a...


Become Someone [v 1.35]

Become Someone - This is an erotic journey through adulthood. It's an adult life simulator game where you can pick whatever path in life you want so you can meet sexy ladies. These ladies are all different and there are a lot...


Time Shifter [v 0.9.3]

Time Shifter is a time-traveling, adult-oriented open-world text game. Every day is the same; all you can think about is the chances you've missed. You've had a rough go of it, but thanks to a peculiar wristwatch, you've been...


The Ember Institute [v]

In The Ember Institute, your character can be a man or a woman and they’ve found themselves without either a job or a place to live. You are forced to live with a friend and their family. You manage to find some kind of job w...


The Good Son [v 0.9.2]

In The Good Son, your character is a young guy in his senior year of college. For some reason, your dad is in trouble with the mob and they want you to pay them cash to keep him from being killed. So, somehow you need a creat...