1) What browser do you recommend to use?

We highly recommend the Chrome browser for better user experience.

2) Is it free to play games on

There is no charge for playing games on our site.

3) How can I save a game progress?

Progress is saved with one of the options:

  • you Export it like a zip archive (to Export/Import properly, please, use the Google Chrome browser);
  • or it is saved in the cookies of your browser.

If cookies are used, the progress can be lost because of:

  • using incognito mode in a browser;
  • or using different browsers or devices;
  • or the game has been updated.

Each game is developed by a different developer so that the saving process depends on a game developer.

4) When the next version of a game will be released?

If there is a version number near a game title, the game will be updated on our site as it is released. If not, the game has been completed.

5) Why can’t I import a save file after a game update?

Updates the developers make are not always compatible with old saves. Because not only can they make the story continuing, but also improvements or bug fixing for the already released parts.

6) What should I do if an error found in a game?

We kindly ask you to use the Bug Report form on the game page.

If the game has the export option, please share the save file via Google drive (or another file-sharing site) and add the link to the form.

An error can occur after some sequence of actions, and sometimes it’s hard to know what causes an issue. Thus the saves can fasten the process of testing and fixing.

Please take into account that third-party developers develop games. Sometimes, quality control is hard to do. But we do our best to enhance the performance and quality of the games presented on our site.

7) Why images in a game can be blur?

One of these can cause not proper images:

  • slow Internet;
  • incognito mode;
  • also, some games are pretty picky about a device and, unfortunately, are playable only on a desktop one.