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Star Knightess Aura [v 0.42.3]

This is an RPG called Star Knightess Aura, and it has NSFW erotic content. The surprising features of this game are brainwashing, mental changes, mental control, and of course, corruption. Follow Aura's adventure as she is th...


Renryuu: Ascension [v 24.05.06]

Renryuu: Ascension is an adult fantasy RGP. It follows the story of Ryen, who is a half-dragon. Ryen stumbles upon a plot to place an imposter on the throne, and that's when he takes the opportunity to seize power. The new du...


The Genesis Order [v 1.00]

In The Genesis Order, North Santiva is a futuristic metropolis with a rich history waiting to be uncovered on the site of a long-forgotten tribal hamlet. This epic journey begins with a murder investigation, and you play the...


Saria Reclaimed [v 0.15.1]

Saria, a wandering samurai from Cardinal's Heart, an oasis town in the vast desert filled with bandits and abominations, is the protagonist of Saria Reclaimed. She must decide whether or not to give in to her desires and succ...


MonGirl Sexpedition [v 1.0]

In MonGirl Sexpedition, Jack lived a simple life, but all of that ended on his birthday. He finds himself in an unknown land with lots of monster girls and a task from the Goddess herself. Jack will meet quite a few attractiv...


Monster Girl 1,000

In Monster Girl 1000, a young, orphaned warrior lives as the solitary male in a tribe of naked monster girls. The local divinity, the goddess of fertility, charges him to breed with 1,000 monster females to aid leverage the p...


VoidBound [v 0.5.3]

In VoidBound, alien species have sucked the earth into a war. The heroine has to go off to other worlds never seen by humanity before. This is a sci-fi ero RPG that focuses on various combat mechanics. The character's abiliti...


Treasure of Nadia [v 1.0117]

Everyone loves the game called Lust Epidemic. Treasure of Nadia is a follow-up to the game you love. You take control of a young man who has to fill the shoes of his dad, who recently died. He was a famous treasure hunter, an...


Chronicles of Leridia [v 0.6.3]

Masa, a tiny settlement on the island of Leridia, is where the action unfolds. In Chronicles of Leridia, young and attractive Sylia has big dreams of becoming a Guardian. If she makes it through the Trial, she'll take her mot...


Nampa Beach

In Nampa Beach, you get to go pick up flirty girls at the beach with your wingmen. You'll get to fuck them until the sun goes down. This is a beach pick-up artist game, and you've never had fun in the sun like this before. Th...