Tavern of Spear [v 0.31a]

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A wolf from the Lost Spear Tribe is 23 years old. In Tavern of Spear, a torrential downpour catches you off guard, and as you scramble for cover, you notice a strange yellow light; the next thing you know, you're in the Tavern of Spear, feeling extremely befuddled. You've finally found Snow, the man you've always assumed to be your father based on your similarities in appearance, but he insists he's not your father. That begs the question: who is correct? You? He?...Neither?

You have the option of insisting he is your father or not, although doing so has no real effect beyond changing the discussion you have with him before you leave. Your mission is to kill a monster and let the others know that the tavern is off-limits. It's a simple task, and it's just an excuse for Snow to let you earn enough money to pay for a room for the night, even though he thinks you'll stay for a while. Maybe he thinks you're gay because all the other men there think you're attractive; who knows?

Developer: Caro



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