One More Time from the Top [v 0.36.1]

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The One More Time from the Top game is in the form of a gay adult visual novel. It explores various topics such as self-empowerment, love, coming out, and handling acceptance issues. It is set in a world of show business, so there’s glamor, parties, and the red carpet mixed into the adventures.  Some of it is great while other parts of this wild world are dark and dangerous. 

Your character is spending the summer with their best friend and thought she’d have fun and get to relax. You’re working with the top film of the year in the top studio so should be doing great. But then things go wrong and you have to investigate many different folks like producers, actors, directors, and A-list stars down to studio workers. Each has a story and some are bad and some good, and a few you may even fall in love with!