Unraveling August [v 0.3.04]

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Having left behind a military career, your return to your hometown, August City, reveals a facade hiding unsettling truths. The city buzzes with strange happenings, all connected to the enigmatic Price Industries, led by the ruthless Goro Price, which recently established itself in your midst. Rumors of dark experiments spread, despite the company's denials and the absence of solid proof. You're inevitably pulled into a vortex of unnerving secrets and inexplicable phenomena. Even as the storm of controversy swirls around Price Industries, the authorities strangely remain aloof.

With the fate of August City's inhabitants at stake, the situation intensifies. Will you rise to the challenge, forming alliances to uncover the true face of this ominous power? The city's destiny rests in your hands. Embark on a journey to unveil the concealed truths lurking beneath August City's shadows in "Unraveling August."