Thinking About You [v 0.9.1]

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In Thinking About You, while still in his late teens, our hero is an avid reader and an overprotective younger brother. When we first meet our hero, he is moving in with his sister, Julia, since she lives closer to the bookshop where he works. A banker in her twenties, Julia was formerly close to our hero but lost touch when she went to college.

She's a sharp skeptic with a heart for her younger brother and a sense of humor to match. Unfortunately, Eva, her roommate, will be away for a few days, so we'll have to wait for her. Eva's first encounter with our hero seems to have gone awry, but he hopes to rectify things. Our hero's primary worry is a guy called David, who Julia is employed by. He must do all in his power to persuade David to keep his distance from Julia.