Rising Bliss

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Rising Bliss is set in present-day Japan, and it tells the narrative of a young man in his final year at Kaori Academy as he witnesses frightening events unfold. Due to the persistent crises caused by Japan's falling birthrate, the government cannot fund vital social programs for the elderly, the country's military budget, or any other essential social service. As a result, Prime Minister Tachi creates a potent aphrodisiac and starts putting it in the water system.

The general public quickly loosens its morals and sexual boundaries as it succumbs to its passion. Minister strives to cement control as folks engage in mindless mating; his ultimate goal is to rule a sex empire for life. Things don't go as planned, though, as the infected quickly overwhelm the city of Tokyo. Unfortunately, the contaminated water supply provided an ideal environment for developing a novel disease: the BLISS VIRUS. With lust zombies prowling the streets, the protagonist and his fellow students must do everything it takes to get out of town alive.