Re:RUDY [v 0.5.0]

Views:  2001

You play Rudy. He's an aspiring young guy who has the ability to peek in on unknowing women at his college. You've been able to conduct your naughty viewing for a number of years, but that almost comes to an end after you try your largest venture to date: You plan to sneak into the women's locker room. 

Whenever you almost get caught during what seems to equal the worst time of your life, you suddenly have a huge lucky moment that allows you to get away with your attempt. Since this occurred, you find your life is changed forever as all of a sudden you're in a vehicular accident, spend several months in a coma at a hospital, and when you wake up you will find out about the history of your family. 

So you have begun a new life it seems, will you be happy in it or go back to all your wicked ways?