Personal Assistant: Blackheart Edition [v 0.7]

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Personal Assistant: Blackheart Edition - Just as life isn't fair, neither are the difficulties you faced after the accident. Now that your wife is gone and your daughter is coping with her own problems, you need assistance getting through your day. Hired naive young woman Rachel has problems of her own. Because of her overbearing mother, she longs to experience the world beyond her home. She is at your beck and call as your personal assistant, ready to fulfill any request. But the question still stands: how will you treat her?

Can she be the person who facilitates your painful reminiscences, or will you pervert her into the puppet she yearns to be? It's up to you to decide. The things you say to her, do to her, and command her to do will affect her for the rest of her life. Will Rachel, her sister, and your daughter be nothing more to you than slaves, or will they give you the affection you crave? Never fear; you can always get what you need and want; there are no failures or wrong decisions.