Messy Academy [v 0.20]

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Messy Academy - This game involves adult fetishes about diapers. You can build your characters' lives inside the school and other venues. You are 20-year-old Brandon Wilkins, a nice guy but a bit of a geek who doesn't want to be a virgin anymore. You don't know if you want a real girlfriend or just a one-night stand to get laid. So you start looking on the Internet and find an odd site advertising Kaikaku Academy, which is a private all-girl college campus.

You wonder how is the only man on a campus filled with only women. But of course, that could never happen and they wouldn't even allow you to walk through the gate and surely would bar him from enrolling. So, you're depressed, and start to close the page, but notice you're able to hack the site. So, you start prying into the guts of it and find a loophole in the security protocols at the school. Additionally, there's one in the school's enrollment contract. So, you fill in the school transfer list with your own personal info, as well as that of two of your friends. What the heck?

After a month or so, you just about forgot this incident but an acceptance letter arrives from the school. You find out your buddies also got one. So, now you are eager to play out your dreams of having your way to a college full of women. You all get there for the start of classes, very eager to meet ladies and start having it all to themselves. However, a teacher named John tells them of a strange rule - all pupils have to wear a diaper at all times, and they aren't allowed to go to the regular restrooms.

Shocked, you agree. It is too tempting to be the only guy here at the school. So, are you going to be able to suffer through any punishment you may receive? Is it even possible to have a girlfriend if you're not allowed to take off the diapers? Time will tell.