Luna's Fall from Grace [v 0.33]

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Luna's Fall from Grace is yet another visual novel style adventure taking place in a dystopian alternative reality where most countries are run by bureaucrats and the government itself doesn’t have much political power. You are in the city of Santa Rita, which for all purposes is run by the mob, who of course are corrupt.

You are Luna, a young lady whose father has died and you discover he was into some weird kind of work. And oh no, he had lots of enemies who want to go after you now. The grudge runs deep and you have to find a way to escape because they want you dead.  Your father’s strange friend Mr. Cavalcanti helps you leave so you can escape the killer crowds. 

Now, three years have gone by, you have been hiding the whole time and want to rebuild your life.  But you have not had much luck and have to pretend to be someone else, can’t attract attention and you miss your old home and life. Mr. Cavalcanti suddenly decides to go back, so you’re happy about that, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a dangerous choice.