Lucie Adult Game [v 4.16]

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Here's another game where you choose what happens. The "Lucie Adult Game" is a game with all kinds of sexy adult fun like a sexcam, submission, sex toys, voyeurism, and even a real love story. 

You are 30-year-old Thomas Rainor who is a sales engineer at Viane. You are an extremely valuable worker there, and everyone admires and respects you.  But the bad thing is you have no love life. Just one-night stands. 

Your friends are Zoe and Lucy, who are about to finish school and are looking for an internship. So, you decide to help her out since you could never say no to Zoe. So your workplace agrees to the internship, but now Zoe tells you Lucy also needs somewhere to live. So, you graciously offer up your home to her. So, what will become of all of this? Time will tell.