Game of Hearts [Ch4 P2]

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In Game of Hearts, a new conflict for supremacy emerges on Earth. The prestigious position once held by a formidable demon now stands vacant for reasons unknown. Seizing the opportunity for control, lesser demons from various corners stir, each harboring aspirations of ascending to the pinnacle of power. Unbeknownst to you, an outsider to the demonic hierarchy, a harsh reality shatters your existence in the form of an armed assailant. The timely intervention of a man claiming to be your father is the only reason you survive the attack. Thrust into an unfamiliar existence, your path forward involves accumulating influence by garnering loyal followers, primarily women ensnared by your irresistible demonic allure. Navigate a world of seduction and corruption to forge a stable life, with the distant hope that, just maybe, you can ascend to the pinnacle of power.