Evermore [v 0.5.1]

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In Evermore, your character's parents were killed when you were only four, and right in your own home. And things continued to go badly for you, and all your family members started to die so people thought you were cursed. But then you get adopted by a woman named Natalie, who has three other kids, and now you are experiencing a happy family life at last.

Out of the blue bad things start all over again, but now you have some sort of weird power to weld. You don’t know the source and you aren't sure how to handle this new power. It is some sort of magic and you travel to a new city called Walton and find out about a secret society and mystical gangs. Will you join them or be destroyed by them? You must gather allies and seduce women to gain the advantage. So choose your steps well to win this epic adventure.