Cyberlinxxx [v 0.16]

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Sometime in the foreseeable future... The government caved after the conflict between megacorporations, unable to stop the corruption and bloodshed that inevitably spilled into the streets. They helped restore 'law and order' after creating chaos by demanding exterritorial rights from the previous government, and then it was over. The age that followed was one of unprecedented economic growth and development. As a result, megacities swiftly developed their own legal systems, cultural norms, and shadow economies. Multiple scientific disciplines thrived as a result. A higher quality of life was a cost, thanks to the development of AI, VR apps, gene editing, food printing to feed the people, and cutting-edge robotics.

You have just developed a new cure for "Malkov's disease" in "Cyberlinxxx." Millions of people's lives have been wrecked by this psychosomatic disease of the brain and neurological system - an efficient remedy with enormous potential profit. The biomedical arms of the various megacorporations won't let this chance pass them by. You're fair game now; they'll resort to any means necessary to seize what's yours. It's clear, though, that you won't surrender easily.

Arriaka, the nearby megacity, is now your last hope for survival. But, perhaps you'll uncover the key to surviving this situation in that area.