Bound by Lust [v]

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In Bound by Lust, your character decides to leave their hometown and head toward the big city where they will face lots of temptations and possibilities. A huge one of those temptations is a sex demoness called a succubus who is from a different dimension. She is blue and beautiful and for whatever reason, she's bonded to you for the rest of your life. Her name is Anath and she was banished from your world after some sort of conflict with humans. Prior to that, the succubus had shown humans they could provide intense sexual pleasure, as well as helping humans build things, destroy things and conquer others. So, each succubus had a contract with a human, and the human's soul was bonded to her. These bonded humans were called Guardians. However, one of these succubi was not happy and didn't like the limits of their contract.