A Wife and Mother - Part 1

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In A Wife and Mother - Part 1, your character is Sophia Parker. You are happily married, have a daughter and a son and are in your middle age. Your life seems set and you and your spouse are starting anew in a new town and he has a new job in the city of San Alejo, which is by the ocean and is a huge city in comparison to your old hometown.

She teaches high school and used to lecture at colleges, and her family was very academic and rich. So, will Sophia be tempted by this new, bigger, faster lifestyle full of lots of taboos and tempting things?

Will she understand right from wrong here where everything goes? It’s a very emotional situation. She was a faithful wife and mom, but will that stay the same or will you decide to take on this sexy new lifestyle? You may have to make some choices you don’t want to make and find out just how far things will go.